Tips from Tobi


Tobi R is our current predictions leader for the season long ranking. The sick thing is that he won our Kona Prediction round last year and recently won our bonus round, picking Challenge CEO Felix Walchshoefer’s finish time at Challenge Roth within 5 minutes! Luke tried to pick Tobi’s brain as he has been shaming us round after round … we are supposed to be the experts!!

Q: Hi Tobi, You have been domination our game for some time now and consistently pick the right podium winners. What is the secret? 

A: It is a mixture of luck, reading FB News and interviews, luck, “Luke says” and luck.

Q: Do you often pick darkhorses or favourites?

A: My darkhorse for men’s Kona podium is an olympic champion.

Q: Are you picking from your gut feelings or statistics?

A: More feelings.

Q: Do you think it is just dumb luck that you keep winning or do you think you are smarter than everyone else?

A: See question number 1.

Q: A little more about Tobi:

A: passionate sportsfan.

Q: Do you do triathlon Yourself?

A: No comment.

Q: What level do you race at?

A: Fun-level.

Q: Who are your favourite triathletes?

A: I support all German athletes.

Q: Favorite people in general?

A: Among sports heros: Runner Terry Fox from Canada.

Q: What other sports interest you?

A: Athletics, Football and Basketball

Q: Favourite color?

A: Gold, silver and bronze

Q: Who do you think will win in Kona this year (man and woman)?

A: Rinny and Frederik might do it again. I don’t mind if Sebi Kienle wins.

Q: What do you think would make IM-Predictions better? What could we do to attract more players?

A: Maybe you can find some athletes who will mention IM-Predictions on their fan sites